Good JuJu

Day 39. Thurs 6/16

Ho Chi Minh City ▶Kuala Lumpur

Ben Thanh market, airport, street food, Skybar

And then there were five again. Josh, we miss you, but we know you’re going to have an above average time in Vegas at EDC ✌

Got a slower start this morning but before we hustled to the airport I got another pass through Ben Thanh market (more RayBans!) and grabbed breakfast from a cute little French cafe. I’ve been using data from a SIMcard while in Vietnam, but even without my phone navigation I’ve really gotten the hang of HCMC in the area near Thai’s place – this is a little tougher than it sounds because there isn’t any sort of grid system here for traffic. The streets are packed with food vendors, motorbikes and shops though, so I think that helps with landmarks, which is usually how I remember directions anyways instead of street names.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I knew that playing our Blood in the Streets anthem yesterday would being us good juju, and it came in the form of a Domino’s pizza stand at the airport and an almost empty airport check-in table. Nice!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We apparently hadn’t gotten enough of our taste of home because once we got to the Kuala Lumpur airport our eyes lit up and wallets emptied at the Garrett’s popcorn stand. I don’t even like thr Chicago mix, but it sounded good. Regretted how much we got about 4 handfuls in.


The Malaysian airport architecture reminded me of the Singapore airport because it was newer and had a modern design. It is also weird to be back in such a large city airport after almost a month, and we found not only multiple food stands that were familiar from the states, but also a full grocery store and a plethora of Ubers outside the gates. We grabbed one for the hourlong ride in to the city and chatted about what we should see with our 18-hour layover.


We three girls checked in and had a bunk-mate from Uganda that we chatted with. She had been travelling for 3 months and just returned from a 10.5 day meditation retreat 4 hours outside the city called Vipassana. My interest was peaked. Then we met a girl from Texas working at the hostel who gave us a few recommendations for street food to try and we set out – although none of us were too hungry after Domino’s. She told is that the market right below us was special and happening only until 7ish because locals were coming to buy food for after sunset to end their daily Ramadan fasting. We hustled downstairs and spent our ringgits on a number of foods, good (G) and some not-so-good (NSG), and watches.

  • Chicken sambosa: G
  • Dragonfruit juice: G
  • Corn juice: G/NSG depending on who you ask 🤐
  • Lychee juice: NSG (wayyy too sweet)
  • Roti arab: G
  • Some rice noodle dish with egg: NSG
  • A roti pancake filled with peanut sauce and chicken: G
  • Honeydew juice: G

After the market I took a little bit of time tt check out a mall across the street from our hostel. The only stores I recognized were H&M, Starbucks and Birkenstocks (first time I’ve ever seen a store).

Our friend at the hostel recommended we also try some street food at another market down the street so an hour after our first dinner we went to grab some more.

Food log:

  • Chocolate croissant and a banana chocolate muffin from a little French cafe
  • Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn at the airport. Yes Malaysia, yes
  • Street food
    • Chicken sambosa
    • Dragonfruit juice
    • Corn juice
    • Lychee juice
    • Roti arab
    • A rice noodle dish with egg
    • A roti pancake filled with peanut sauce and chicken
    • Honeydew juice (the best in my opinion)
    • BBQ oyster with garlic (emphasis on the garlic)


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