Sunday No Funday

​Day 28. Sun 6/05

Sapa▶Hanoi▶Ha Long Bay▶Hanoi▶Dong Hoi

Ha Long Bay travelling 👎👎👎
There’s not a lot to write about today because we spent it on a night train, bus ride, at a port, and then on another bus and night train. Our excitement to take off for a 3-day 2-night trip to Ha Long Bay and Catba Island was met with raging thunderstorms before we could set sail. We lost a day waiting to see if the weather would clear and then getting back to Hanoi to get our refund.

On a six week trip I knew there were bound to be days like this, but it sucks wasting an entire day. Morale is low again, especially after our bus back to Hanoi was full of Brits who were determined to make it a “pahh-tee bus” for their friend’s “bahhth-day” complete with bottles of vodka and rum – oh and cigarettes, even though they were told not to smoke because we were on a bus without windows for 4 hours. My cough was almost gone after Sapa and now it is back full force – I’m fairly certain I’m not even sick, but the dirty air is what has been giving both me & Kaija so much trouble. 

The smoke made the bus ride nauseating, but we did get a pretty sunset. Unfortunately, it just reminded us that we weren’t watching the sun set over the water on a boat. There’s no gallery because there wasn’t much to photograph today.

We ended the day paying way to much money for night train tickets out of town so we could get on with our travels. And I slept horribly of course.

Safwan, if you’re reading this, we miss you already 👋😢

Food log:

  • Sub par breakfast from Central Backpackers
  • Bread. At 3pm after having our boat cancelled. I think this was supposed to be lunch?
  • Fried noodles with chicken and vegetables from a little mini-mall on the side of the road. Praying the mango shake doesn’t make me sick tonight on the train 🙏🙏🙏

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