Easy Tiger 2.0

Day 29. Mon 6/06

Phong Nha

Easy Tiger, Dark Cave, Paradise Cave, Beer Towers

I don’t think anything could be better than Sapa, but Phong Nha proved to be a close second today. The countryside in Vietnam is gorgeous and today we biked around a National Park where they are filming King Kong 2. Now that we have the hang of the bikes it’s relaxing and way more fun than taking a bus or taxi, where the drivers try to up charge you and drive like crazy people.

The first cave we visited was the Dark Cave. We ziplined to the entrance (less exciting than it sounds) and then made our way deeper. Sidenote: a great addition to Jungle Party and Full Moon Party would be Cave Party, amirite? We passed bats, walked barefoot on rocks and then slid through the narrow and muddy passages to get to the mud bath pool. We laid down and were super buoyant, floating along the surface like little bobbers on a lake. I was loving it until they had us all turn out lights off and it got really dark and quiet. We sat for what felt like a minute but I’m sure was only a matter of seconds and then I was the first to flick my head light back on. 😓😓😓

After we exited the cave we kayaked back and then messed around in the water with the mini zip line and rope swing they had. The water was freezing and felt soooo good after we have been sweating on the buses and trains the past few days.

Afterward, we continued around the park to the Paradise Cave, which was less fun and interactive but much bigger and brighter. The large open spaces had lights illuminating different features and there was a wooden walkway throughout the spaces to follow at your own pace. We liked it minus the 1k hike up to the entrance. We buggy’ed back to our bikes afterward.

In Phong Nha, we tried to make a reservation at the Easy Tiger Hostel once we arrived but they were already full bc it’s such a popular place. Instead they sent us across the street to a really nice hotel (basically Easy Tiger 2.0) that was less expensive. It worked out nicely, because we pretty much just used the place for beds and AC, spending all of our meals at Easy Tiger, where they had delicious food 🍴 For dinner, I had the Piggy pizza and somehow managed to finish the whole thing along with a couple onion rings too.

We realized they had a deal on beer, where you could buy a tower and get a free T-shirt. We worked our way through 2 towers before the bar closed and we wandered the streets for another bar or karaoke. It was a Monday, but we figured there would be something else going on. However, we went home after walking the entire street without any luck.

Food Log:

  • Breakfast tacos at Easy Tiger, with sausage, tomato, onion and eggs that were the perfect combo after our long night on the train
  • Ice cream treats at Dark Cave
  • Piggy Pizza (bacon, ham, onion, green pepper) with onion rings and potato wedges. Overpriced, but worth it

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