Homestay Sweet Homestay

Day 26. Fri 6/03


Yoga flow, hiking, eating

I absolutely love not having to set an alarm to wake up in the morning. I’m not one to sleep all day, but there is something so peaceful to me about being woken by the sun. It’s one of those little things that just makes me grateful when I wake up and that much more appreciative throughout the entire day.

Today I was actually woken up by Mi, not the sun, but it was around sunrise and so I slipped out from under my bug net and went to the wrap-around deck for a quick yoga flow and meditation. I was a little tight from yesterday’s hike, and there were some noisy farm animals next door (namely the roosters), but it was nice to have some me time nonetheless.

I was so calm that I ended up taking another nap until a half-naked Mi came charging up the stairs around 11am. “Hello!” she declared in her high little voice, and I was up and ready for the rest of the day. And breakfast.

We saved the longer of the two hikes for today because we got such a late start yesterday afternoon, but by the time we left the home today it was around the same time. Josh stayed back again to rest his leg and Saffy decided to enjoy his last few days of vacation from a hammock (he leaves us in 2 days 😢), so it was just four of us trekking today.

We were granted even better and drier weather – thank goodness! – as we wandered through rice paddies and rows of corn trying to reach a telephone pole on top of one of the mountains. Instead, we found a waterfall and called it a day to make sure we got back home before dark. Once we were back we realized how far off we were heading from the intended path – it was laughable. But we had a good time and we hoped to get back out again the next day.

Sapa is my favorite place so far that we’ve visited – it’s so much simpler and quieter than a city, where there are a million things to do and there are tourists everywhere and everything requires so much energy. Here we get up when we’re rested, explore some beautiful countryside, and then come home to a family, comfy couch, and a delicious dinner. Have I mentioned that I liked the food yet??

In reality, there are also some things here that make us feel less like we are in the middle of nowhere. Andrew has a decent sized TV and nice sound system in the main living room (last night’s feature film was Antman and tonight we voted on Lincoln Lawyer) and the bathrooms are nice and very clean. Also, not sure I could sleep any better than I do here, which is inside a mosquito tent thing (necessary to keep out the big beetles that roam at night) and with a fan directly on me. The perfect sleeping conditions.

Food log:

  • Lanh’s special scrambled eggs again, this time with some tea to soothe my sore throat. The cough is getting a lot better, but a bit of a tickle still lingers
  • Milk & egg waffle cookies. Mike bought them before our hike as a little energy boost in case we needed them. We decided we needed them about 4 times because they were so tasty 👅👅👅👅
  • Somehow dinner tonight was even better: breaded chicken, meatballs, green beans, french fries and rice. All dipped in the sweet & sour chili sauce they have everywhere here – def on the grocery list once I get back to the states

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