Unlucky Changs

Days 17 – 20. Thurs 5/26 through Sun 5/29

Koh Phi Phi

RAIN, Sunflower dinner, RAIN, Bar hopping, RAIN, Pool Party, RAIN

We reached Koh Phi Phi knowing that we’d have less than perfect weather, but it has rained every single day. We had some sun peek out from the clouds Friday afternoon until sunset, but by Saturday night morale was low after an entire day of downpouring on and off. We took off early Sunday for the mainland.

I’m trying to see the silver lining here, and take the good with the bad. I made a list.


Highlights from the last couple of days:

  • Sunflower bar aka Happy Boat bar. We sat and played Jenga over dinner and then some pool.
  • These cute little crabs scuttled around on the beach everywhere, diving into holes in the sand if you got too close
  • PP Princess Pool Party. The sun came out for one afternoon and we spent it in an infinity pool by the ocean in an innertube 👌
  • That same afternoon we got an amazing sunset view while we sat on the beach
  • Finding the Banana Bar, a rooftop bar tucked away in town
  • Welsh roommates Daffyth and Lewys
  • Thai massages 👐👣 best way to pass time on a rainy day
  • New Zealanders Jason and Steve (yay for new Snapchat friends)
  • Beacha Club dinner – just the cutest little beach bar with the friendliest staff. Perfect way to escape from the torrential downpour
  • Fellow Cyclone on the boat back to Phuket #gostate



  • The stench from the hostel bathroom at Stones. We think it was from all the water but holy stank it was bad
  • The water at Stones. Very high salt content, potentially came straight from the ocean
  • Stones sound system. Actually, it only sucked everywhere except the dance floor. Which was fine until we tried to go to bed early on our last night. It felt like my brain was rattling in my skull from all of that bass vibration
  • Just Stones in general
  • So much rain. Every day. Allegedly due to a cyclone in the region – but also the island gets a lot of rain in May typically
  • Kaija’s purse got taken on the beach – thankfully it was mostly empty
  • Attended a Muay Thai Reggae bar where patrons could enter the ring and fight.
  • Unrelated ^^ I got my first ever black eye. Dancing+jump rope+buckets=injuries
  • Unfortunately this cough is still lingering with Kaija and I week later. We think the cough meds we got in Koh Tao are helping but who knows because we’re still hacking away each night
  • There were huge piles of scrap building material and garbage all over the beach. We had heard such good things about Phi Phi but between the dumpy weather and the yeah everywhere we didn’t get a great first impression. I would definitely give it another chance because the weather hindered us from doing any hiking or getting to see Maya Beach and Monkey Beach, but next time I’ll have to plan something for Dec – Apr when it’s dry season


Food log:

  • Potato & egg rotee followed by banana & nutella rotee
  • Homemade gnocchi and tomato sauce with caprese (Both bad. Should not have ordered either)
  • More banana & nutella rotee – yes, three in one day
  • Rosemary flavored chips. SO GOOD.
  • Salt & Seaweed Pringles. Not so good.
  • Chicken pad thai and a banana shake (basically a meal staple for me)
  • Shakes (again)
  • Beacha Club seafood (prawn and calamari) hot pan with a fire show
  • Mango Sticky Rice and Banana in Coconut Milk
  • Banana bread from a bakery near the Phi Phi port

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