Thai Goodbye

Day 20. Sun 5/29



I had literally started having dreams about taking a clean shower, so our trip back to Phuket and the Doolay Hostel was super exciting. Our typically 40 min drive to Karon Beach took only 20 with our cab driver who drive like a bat out of hell. He was talking motorbikes and then honking at them and he even passed one vehicle by crossing over the center line into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing a semi truck that was not slowing down.

We were right across the street from a beach so we were hoping to catch some of the sun we missed in Phi Phi, but as soon as I changed into my suit another downpour began outside so we opted for a trip to Patong Bay and Jungceylon, a large shopping center. Feeling the cleanest we had for all of Week 3, we roamed the mall for a few hours. Mike and Josh went to a movie, where they watched an opening credit clip of a tribute to the Thai King and Queen and everyone stood to respect them. Apparently any disrespect toward the king and queen is punishable, because there were security guards ensuring everyone was in line at the movie theater and we’ve read that even stepping on money is dangerous because the king’s face is printed on it. While they were at the movie, Kaija and I shopped around, picking up some stronger cough medicine, a couple snacks including DQ blizzards, new shorts, and then dinner at a microbrewery. We reminisced on our time in Thailand and I tried a Phuket Lager – tasted v. interesting.




We wandered around our hostel’s street shops for a little while and then the dark and lonely beach after we returned. The waves were big from the windy weather and the sand was soft from the lowering tide. There’s something about the beach at night and staring out into the black water and sky that is kind of eerie, but calming to me.

We followed up this soothing experience with a movie in the hostel common area with some new friends from London and Mumbai. Scary Movie 3 is apparently a trans-continental favorite, who knew?


Food log:

  • Ham & pineapple pizza from a street seafood restaurant. I’ll try to be more adventurous tomorrow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Banana nutella DQ Blizzard (other flavors included mocha toffee almond, red bean green tea, and mango sticky rice)
  • Phuket Lager and a grilled vegetable salad at the Full Moon Brewport in Jungceylon

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