Barf Boat Upgrades

Days 16 & 17. Wed 5/25 & Thurs 5/26

Koh Tao▶Phuket▶Koh Phi Phi

Travel day, fresh seafood dinner, thunderstorms

After a big breakfast at Ban’s we said goodbye to our hilltop paradise and the cute dogs in the main restaurant area and hello (again) to the Barf Boat. This time however, we discovered a VIP room, where for 100 baht ($2.91) you didn’t have to be packed in like sardines on the lower level. You bet we upgraded. 💵💵💵


Unfortunately there weren’t upgrades available for the 5 hour bus ride we endured afterward. Instead, we took an extra couple of hours because the driver stopped to order food and use the bathroom like six times (a luxury we didn’t get) and then used a few detours from the Google maps suggested route. We were starting to wonder if he was paid hourly because he was apparently in no rush to get to Phuket. The weather turned stormy during the last few hours of the trip and we watched as water dripped from the ceiling on to the inside front windowsill of the bus. Unfortunately, the baggage compartment must have been leaking as well because once we arrived they returned my bag to me soaking wet. Ick.

Phuket was the most westernized city we had been to so far in Thailand. We passed quite a few huge shopping centers and grocery stores as we wove through the busy city streets. We had been waiting to see a Muay Thai fight bc there are huge here, but after seeing the steep cost we decided against it. Truthfully, I don’t think I would have enjoyed watching people kick the crap out of each other anyway. We chatted with a guy from California on our taxi ride to the hostel and he said that if we liked Khao San Road in Bangkok we would also enjoy Patong in Phuket. We weren’t sure we were ready for that kind of night again so we grabbed dinner next door in the little market area full of fresh fish and family-owned restaurants.


After ordering we chatted with the matriarch of the family about Full Moon Party, Koh Phi Phi, and America while her 14 year old son helped translate a few words for us. She spoke understandable English, and her son was attending an international school and so he was even more proficient in the language. He helped us order a round of large Changs and then informed us that he liked American music and couldn’t wait to “smoke weed every day” when he got older. Oh. 😮

After dinner we wandered to a bar for some more Chang and a game of Cutthroat, but our game was cut short when it started down pouring. The bartenders covered the pool table to keep it from getting damaged and we waited for a break in the rain before walking back to Doolay Hostel.

The hostel was really nice, although our group was split up and I’m pretty sure Max and Saffy were given beds in the lady dorm… Either way, they had a good looking menu at the restaurant and the bathrooms, although a shower and toilet shared the same room again, were updated and extremely nice. The common area had a cool vibe too, and we stayed up watching music videos on YouTube until we were tired enough to sleep.




I woke up in the middle of the night to thunder, pounding rain and a humid hostel room. Once again, severe thunderstorms knocked out the power and water. Note to self: never miss an opportunity to shower, because if you wait until the next morning, the power will probably be out. Ugh. Unfortunately the forecast is pretty much the same for the next few days, which we had planned to spend soaking up the sun on Phi Phi Beach and going on an overnight boat cruise. Bummed is an understatement.


Once the power came back we packed up for Koh Phi Phi. We are basically pros at riding ferries now, although that’s probably partly because no boat experience could trump the Barf Boat to Koh Tao. We enjoyed the beach for a little while and then hiked to a little restaurant called The Sunflower where we wasted away with dinner, a couple drinks, a hammock, and more Cutthroat. We ventured out on to “The Happy Boat” a little wooden structure hanging over a ledge above the ocean, but quickly abandoned ship after spotting a sleeping snake. LOL NOPE.


Our hostel Stones is a bit of a dump, but thankfully the dorms and beds are decent. It’s right on the beach, near a large property filled with trash (there’s actually a lot of trash piles on this island), and they bumped club music into the late hours of the night while more people danced with fire on their stage. It should be a fun next couple of days here 😉




Food log:

  • English breakfast again @ Ban’s
  • A granola bar, 7Up, Pringles, banana chips and mango slices are what got me through the long boat and bus rides
  • Fried fish with garlic and pepper
    Scrambled egg, bacon, and toast @ Doolay Hostel
  • Strawberry-blueberry-kiwi fruit shake at the Phuket port
  • Chicken sandwich and fries with a strawberry daiquiri because vacation

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