Shakes by the Ocean

Days 13 & 14. Sun 5/22 & Mon 5/23

Koh Phangan▶Koh Tao

Italian Pizza, Shakes on the Beach, Ban’s Resort, Yoga

Of course we slept in after Full Moon Party. After all the work we did to adjust to the Thai timezone, we fell extremely easily back into the habit of CST. Still working on re-adjusting back 😴

The boys were soaking up every last bit of AC in the hostel, so Kaija and I headed out to look around and do some shopping. I bought earrings because I thought my holes were closing up (they weren’t) and another pair of shorts bc I seem to sweat through my clothes pretty much every day here so I can’t re-wear the few pieces I brought. Compared to the two previous days, the streets seemed almost deserted. We figured everyone had either ditched town after the party or was still sleeping – but either way, it was way more enjoyable to walk around and go in and out of different shops. We stumbled upon a place advertising authentic Italian pizza and decided that even though there were plenty of street vendors serving pad thai, pizza just sounded better. Best food decision we made on Koh Phanghan – the ingredients were fresh, the owner was speaking Italian, and the pizza was to die for, especially the homemade sausage and fresh basil. We liked it so much the guys wanted to go back for dinner and we agreed instantly. Second best food decision.

We began the discussion of abandoning our last two nights with Sewer Rat in the Lazy House hostel and heading for Koh Tao, a neighboring island where we planned to take a day to dive. Milk (from Chiang Mai) had recommended Ban’s, a nicer resort, and once we saw that the price was reasonable and they had two rooms available we booked them immediately. Unfortunately we had already missed the last ferry of the day so we decided to take off first thing in the morning instead, still giving us two nights in Koh Tao.

To cheer ourselves up, we went to the beach for a walk to enjoy some shakes and check our how the beach bar scene compared on a normal night. There was one building in particular where I remember listening to a great DJ the night before, and saw today that it was a completely deserted building. It seemed like he had just brought his turntable, laptop, and huge sound system to the ruins and set up shop for the party. It was kind of haunting to see the vast empty space and beach littered with trash the day after it had been packed with 20,000 tourists.


Max stopped to use an unmanned beach-side bathroom that we had paid 20 baht to use the night before, and on his way out a little old lady hobbled up to him with her hand out until he coughed up a few coins. We are starting to think that random old women with signs are making a killing off naïve tourists like us.

We ended our day at a little bar up on a hill with some fresh shakes (my favorite kind is banana although I’ve been trying to branch out to different flavors) and then enjoying the ocean breeze, thunderstorm-y weather, and even more fire dancing until we were ready to go home for our last night.


In absolutely no rush to get back to our dirty hostel beds, we stopped at a rotee pancake stand. Rotee is kind of like a crepe, but the dough is flattened from a ball and then wrapped around ingredients and put over heat until it’s crispy. I ordered one with banana and nutella and scarfed it down before I thought to take a picture.

The next morning we frantically packed, searched for all of our room keys (lost one of them 😩), and cursed Sewer Rat (the water still wasn’t running). Then we hit the road for the port, where we had splurged and booked Lomprayah’s high-speed Catamaran boat to get to Koh Tao. Unfortunately, things got a little worse before they got better. The weather had been really overcast and windy, so the boat ride was extremely rough. We thought it was so nice to have AC, snacks for purchase and so many staff helping load bags onto the boat, but we found out quickly after we started across the water that the main duty of these staff members was to pass out small plastic bags to passengers with weak stomachs.  And there were a lot of bags being passed out. Thankfully our group was okay, but the girl across the aisle from Kaija was hurting pretty bad. Later on someone mentioned that “they weren’t looking forward to taking the Barf Boat again to get back.” Barf Boat. How appropriate.

No ragrets though, because Ban’s was 100 times better than The Lazy House Hostel. We had a bit of a hike to our room, but they made elephants out of the towels and the view looked out over the trees and onto the water. We didn’t have sunny weather, but we were happy to catch a break from the heat and enjoy the comfy beds for an afternoon nap.


We scheduled dives for the next morning, stopped for banana chocolate shakes (on the beach of course) and went to an awesome restorative yoga class. I was glad Mike, Josh and Saffy wanted to try the class too because u didn’t want to go alone. The instructor was European and the studio was in a stand alone building with a wooden floors and walls, a tin roof with built in vents, and some fans. It was such a peaceful setting and the end of the class’s meditation was one of the deepest I’ve ever had. Even after multiple naps that day, I left feeling calm, centered and ready for a good night’s sleep.


Food Log:

  • Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion and homemade sausage. We dipped the bread in a red pepper and oil combination and it was delish 👅❤
  • Shakes
  • Banana and Nutella Rotee Pancakes
  • BBQ Lays (although they tasted more like a chicken flavor) and OJ on the Barf Boat
  • Glass noodles with egg and chicken
  • Sweet potato chips (fries) and shrimp egg rolls at Blue Water’s swanky 2nd floor restaurant

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