One Night in Bangkok

Day 4 & 5. Fri 5/13 & Sat 5/14

Ho Chi Minh City▶Bangkok▶Chiang Mai

Flight in to DMK, Suneta Hostel, Khao San Road pad thai, Club Khao San, Rooftop Bar, Back to DMK

This morning we said our temporary goodbye to Vietnam and left for Thailand. Friends advised us that one night would be plenty in Bangkok and they were right. The daytime vibe and nightlife on Khao San Road (the main street) and the surrounding area was crazy – there were people, animals, clothing racks, food stands, taxis, and tuk tuks on every inch of the sidewalks and roads. They were selling everything from RayBans to brass knuckles to dried scorpion to laughing gas. We went out to grab street food for lunch and between all of the bustle and humidity we came back exhausted.



I tried pad thai for the first time and it did not disappoint. What was disappointing was getting laughed at by a local as I stood up from my metal stool, where I had left a ring of sweat. Then he kept laughing, shook all of our hands and said “good luck” 🤔 Yeah.. I’m just as confused as you are.


A quick 3 hour nap and we were ready to eat again. For dinner we picked Club Khao San, a place with pictures on the menu, where we could still people watch and enjoy a 3 liter beer tower (well, 2). We had some great entertainment from an old man dancing with some $waggy fresh moves throughout our entire meal. We made sure to stop by, bust a move, and empty our loose change into his basket. We came back hours later and he was still going strong. Talk about a dancing queen.👑

After dinner we went to the Rooftop Bar and had a few drinks. And by drinks I mean a bucket of vodka or rum, redbull and coke. The live band was great – it’s interesting how little of an accent comes through when people sing in other languages. It seems like we hear American music everywhere we go, and from what I can gather Thai people are huge fans of Adam Levine. So many Maroon5 throwbacks.


We stopped back at the hostel before going out for the night and entered a busy lobby full of Americans, Canadians and a couple Europeans. Most of the travellers were heading to the same areas we were going to next or had already been there. I hope we meet up with a few of them again, because everyone was a ton of fun, especially when we all went for a ride in the tuk tuks, little motor taxis that people use to get around here. We finished the night with dancing and more buckets back at Club Khao San.


The next morning was rough, but we checked out of the hostel and hit up another street vendor for lunch before heading back to the DMK airport. Max and Josh ended up with an extremely spicy dish and I failed miserably at bartering down some sunglasses. Need to work on that.


We’ve pretty much mastered the art of getting to the airport at the last possible second, but since we had a few minutes to spare before our plane boarded I got to try the McSpicy sandwich from McDonalds. ‘Twas good.👌


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