Westbound Part I

2016-05-11-05.51.23-1.jpg.jpgDay 1. Tues 5/10
Quad Cities ▶ O’Hare ▶ Seattle
We made our 4am departure from the quad cities in pouring rain and fog this morning after staying up until midnight packing, weighing, re-packing, and re-weighing all of our bags. Some things were hard to leave behind (Mike’s extra pair of shoes) and others went into Max’s “magic bag” because he was the only one of us with space left and some things we just could not leave behind (the corn tortillas).
We had quite the spread over the course of the past couple hours, starting with chicken dinner at the Bramers’ and ending with breakfast burritos and strawberry rhubarb muffins on the road. In the Seattle airport I grabbed a salad and french fries before our ten hour flight to Tokyo. Feasting on some of our American staples before making the transition to Vietnamese and Thai food! 🍴
Other things that happened today:
  • Mike gave me a $100 bill
  • Ordered ice in my drink for one of the last times
  • Tried Asahi (Japanese beer)
  • Met some wonderful Seattleites in row 33 of our Dreamliner




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